Sadserve the Toy

Meet Sadserve, a moody young citizen of Sweet City who secretly loves skateboarding.

Try to say that 3 times fast!

Home Before Dinner (animated short)


Sadserve began as a little procreate iPad doodle, meant to be a piece for a character design portfolio. He went from simply being a doodle, to a fully realized resin toy, and now a star in his very own film. He stars in Home Before Dinner, a short film about a frantic young ice cream child racing home for dinner while creating some mild chaos.

The campaign to crowdfund Sadserve launched on Kickstarter on July 11th.

Kickstarter Campaign

How you can help

The aim was for this to be crowdfunded - but sadly it wasn't successful. We've set up a Ko-Fi page in the interim, where you can donate using the link down below!

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